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FIFA lifts Messi’s qualifiers ban, making him eligible to play next match

Argentina star, Lionel Messi will be able to play in the next matches of the qualifying round for next year’s world cup. The superstar was given a four-match ban after verbally assaulting an official in the qualifying match against Chile, but FIFA has released an announcement that the ban and the fine have been lifted.
Messi didn’t like the decisions being made by the assistant referee in his team’s 1-0 win over Chile as he was called for two fouls which he had strongly denied, thereby yelling various insults at the assistant and not shaking his hand after the match.

Well, two days later, FIFA got involved in the case, and after looking through it decided that Messi was guilty of directing insulting words at the referee, fining him around $10,000 and giving him a 4-match suspension.
After Messi’s team and some lawyers for the Argentina Football Association filed an appeal, we learned, as at Thursday that the ban will be reduced, only to wake up on Friday with the news that it has been lifted altogether.
Messi will now be able to play against Uruguay in Montevideo on August 31, but it’s possible that he plays for Argentina before then, especially if the team has a friendly game lined up. Messi is getting married this summer, which means he may likely not be called up to those games.

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jadong1 May 20

Wow... am happy for him. Can't wait to watch him plays.