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Eskimi just said:

Do you know any jokes?
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delek1960 Mar 02 2016

a man fell from upstair & warned God dat HE (God) should stop dat type of play

OmoJesuIwa Jan 24 2016

Pls Watch Ur Speach Most Especialy In Public

mateo Jan 14 2016

a man who carry spanner go bank cos he wan open bank account

mateo Jan 13 2016

a man who saw shit on the floor and lick it den say na shit o tank god so i no march am

superkellz Jan 05 2016

ok nice

Lio97 Dec 22 2015

Nurse: “Doctor, there’s an invisible man in the waiting room.”
Doctor: “Tell him I can’t see him.”

ogason1 Nov 04 2015

A boy in my class was sick he cant express himsef an he said teacher.I hve mental.instead of headeck

zikky05 Oct 21 2015

breaking news...a man killed himself nd wen he saw d police he ran away? lol

eghosa1970 Sep 18 2015

and. d wife say nva ready oo my uche nva grow and I go still born dey my husband.

eghosa1970 Sep 18 2015

A man was dying in d Hospital he God if I die Today pls send my wife to me 2morrow

Tmsboy1 Sep 07 2015

na so ooo

Tmsboy1 Sep 07 2015

na so ooo

Tmsboy1 Sep 07 2015

na so ooo

Ibrahim8905 Aug 13 2015

I enjoy d jokes, not realy funny, but spoken well.

chiblexchizzy Aug 05 2015


BubbyDee Jul 26 2015

I am 2 DlivA a hen 2 a butcher,I fell on D way N D hen ran away,so I Bgin 2 LAF,I say wer dis hen NO wen adres is wit me

dbravelord7 Jul 20 2015

no i don't

DONE9189 Jul 19 2015

A man was making sex with his housemaid & he said u sweet pass my wife & d girl said, 'Na so chuk our houseboy said i sweet pass madam too.

Farai2014 Mar 02 2015


godsqueen2014 Dec 26 2014

ebola is all is a sick person so if u see a sick person kiss them lol