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Instagram billionaire, King Power to sign Davido for 100 million dollars

An Instagram billionaire who goes by the name, King Power, has proposed to sign Davido for a whopping hundred million dollars ($100m). According to him, it is a very reasonable thing to do, given Davido’s unequivocal talent.

King Power came from out of the blues to offer to sign Davido for a hundred million dollars and questions as to his source of wealth were quickly asked. However, he shared some pictures of himself online and was spotted with the Multi-Billionaire Boxer, Mayweather, also known as “the money man.” King Power took online to post this;

“Not in competition with anyone. I am here to change the face of the game, make history, and leave a positive impact. Too many talents and little opportunities. If we do not change the game, then we have failed. They call me POWER because we fight like gladiators, face our challenges like warriors, and win big like kings. Call me King Power.”

“To start with, what about a hundred million dollars ($100m) deal with one of Africans giant, Davido? New song I’M ON MY GRIND will be ready soon. Theywithusaregreaterthanthemagainstus.” Fans suspect is another Yahoo boy.

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