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Nigerians drag Ghanaian prophet who predicted the death of P’Square, DJ Spinall, others

A Ghanaian prophet has predicted the death of a couple of Nigerian entertainers including the likes of P’Square and DJ Spinall. According to the acclaimed prophet, the mentioned celebrities will pass away in no distant time.

A rumor flying on social media has it that dozens of Nigerian celebrities have been targets of assassination and are only lucky to still be alive. However, their haters are not sleeping, as they are busy devising new means of taking out the Naija celebs they want out of their way. The targeted celebrities have remained unknown, as the rumor didn’t specify.

But now, this acclaimed Ghanaian prophet seems to have drawn everyone’s attention to the possible targets and they include Paul and Peter Okoye of the defunct P’Square group, DJ Spinall, DJ Perez, Dj Blaze among an undisclosed list of Nigerian entertainers. The prophet implored them to crave spiritual fortification to overcome their untimely death.

Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, who is the leader of God’s Crown Chapel. He made this prediction while delivering a sermon in his church on Sunday, saying a “demonic wind” is swirling towards Nigerian musicians. Nigerians blasted him.

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Echesa Nov 07 2019

Let God protect Her people

LADYB50002m Nov 07 2019

they should fast and pray

BIGGGADZOH Nov 07 2019

Who z he on this earth to pridict death.great conman.

djzoks Nov 07 2019


djzoks Nov 07 2019

if we pray to go god he wil protect us i we dnt he wil nt hear our prayers and guid us.

desmond19044 Nov 07 2019

god knows best and sees all the good and bad thing that is going on he knows who will die or not

Omoobanani Nov 07 2019

May d lord help everyone of us and protect us.

GeorgianEC3 Nov 07 2019

thats their own cross to bear

shomakjnr Nov 07 2019

dnt dout prophecy

liswell Nov 07 2019

Lol... No Comment!

Emuos2u Nov 07 2019

Na money d guy dey fine

tsleek Nov 07 2019

weeds @ it best