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Burnaboy blasts Buhari, compares him with France president who he received recently

Afro-Fusion singer, Burnaboy has taken a sweep at President Buhari and other old politicians who he seems to think are too old and faded to run the affairs of Nigeria. He disclosed he won’t vote come 2019 elections. In his words;

I will not be voting. I see no reason why I or any Nigerian youth should. If you think your votes mean anything or you think you can implement change by voting for the same shit, and I mean on both sides of the elections, you are delusional and you are part of the problem. We are hopeless youths who are too scared to fight for our future.”

“Therefore, we have unconsciously accepted to have no future. Just recycle the past over and again while we pray and talk so fucking much! Please understand that they’ll keep fucking us until we cut their dicks off. France president was just 6 years when Buhari was Nigeria head of state in 1983. He’s now France President and Buhari is Nigeria president.”

Burnaboy, who seemed really irritated by the seeming chicken-mindedness of Nigerian youths concluded his statement by saying; “If this doesn’t explain it all, I don’t know what can.” It’s up to you now, guys. Do you stand with Burnaboy?

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CROSSDOGG Nov 03 2018

its true but who will now bell d cat?

Biggy5888 Sep 08 2018

make sense jooooo

anochiam Aug 15 2018

lets stand and defend this country. make we pursue all this old men.

evernice2 Aug 08 2018

I wonder why u hold on this one statement and u abuse him more than that

Almukadam11 Aug 01 2018

Nigeria pple. .we need pray in theis contry. But i know that presedent buhar is good good .ok tell us. who is better him?

Oveyjt Jul 27 2018

We Gat Ur Back My Man.

chasethem Jul 23 2018

Let us abstain from voting and see the old idiots that will come and beg us for votes

Loverboy1459 Jul 23 2018

I go with you my man

Tunsbaba89 Jul 21 2018

If We Are Planning For War, Where Will It Start Frm, Frm Lagos Or Abuja.

2solo78 Jul 19 2018

its an african thin,1nce in power they never let go,de height of uncivilization.

josh00102 Jul 18 2018

Its A Pity 4d Youth And2b Scared 2face War, But Nt Scared To Cut Dere Own Life Short By Doing Ritualist.

Lincolny Jul 16 2018

One voice #_i stand with Burna boy

Seun985 Jul 14 2018

gatt it

opeLord89 Jul 14 2018


Mayority27 Jul 13 2018

9ce1 all buhari family are lazy i support u burna baba

VIRTNNA Jul 13 2018

Very nice dear i stand with u nd i pray that all nigerian youth will realize this as you do and fight for our right TANK

08165586303 Jul 13 2018

BurmaBoy, Buhari Is Far Far Better Than Your Father And Those Currupt S/E Politician.


Carry on the flag the youth will follow follow u.

Ajadi39 Jul 13 2018


jayjay19881988 Jul 13 2018

nice talk