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Beef alert: Tiwa Savage unfollows Davido on IG after he exposed her affair with Wizkid

After several rumors and a few seeming confirmations that Wizkid Ayo could be dating Tiwa Savage, the reality of the allegation remained a puzzle until a short while ago when the problematic Davido stepped in and turned the tables.

It all began when Wizkid tweeted about needing a sister of his own. Davido then stepped in and started to ponder on the possible reasons Wizkid would need a sister when he has Tiwa Savage right by his side. The singer went ahead to tag Tiwa Savage Wizkid’s sex doll, alluding that the global Starboy already has a lover in the shape of Tiwa Savage.

On seeing the post by Davido, Tiwa Savage seemed not to be bothered by it, as she carelessly dropped a less concerned comment that reads thus; “Walking by jejely on my Tiwa’s vibe.” But although she responded to the tweet in that playful manner, a follow-up development showed that she really didn’t find OBO’s tweet funny, so she unfollowed him.

Davido got to notice that she had unfollowed him, and he reciprocated the gesture. A beef is therefore foreseen involving Tiwa and Davido. While all these were happening, Wizkid was just silent in the background like a boss.

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noshaking007 Jun 16 2018

I dnt knw what concern davido in other people's matter. let them fu ck themselves as they like.... maybe tiwa dnt allow him... lolz!!!

wisy0123 May 22 2018

he should berger arrested and charge is too proud

Yusinhootos May 17 2018

Nigerians are too local for my liking

Olarewaju8180 May 17 2018

oga ooo

paddyguy May 17 2018

on a good day wizkid, no fit cane ty wella. she dey fall her hand

Monsignorr May 17 2018


wale20002 May 17 2018

its stupidity

Stranio May 17 2018

tiwa you fall my hand too bad i least expected this

Rose7250 May 17 2018

Wonder shall never end person mama m

Raphealgodstime May 16 2018

hmm starboy na boss man him nor get problem

AbrahamDestiny May 16 2018


Nanselgbarman May 16 2018

DAT Z A GR8 1 4 ME O! O!

chudy2000 May 16 2018

Tiwa Savage is old enough to be Wizkid's Aunty

OLAMABBEY May 16 2018

they're al in just lovely for a while and dump

OLAMABBEY May 16 2018

it's complicated

favour3752 May 16 2018

it is well o, pls lve W! W! let dem form S!. ha! dear is GOD O! O! O!

Hushkessgt May 16 2018

na wa, oh

shanker33 May 16 2018

something dey happen oo

Olaboi00 May 16 2018


FreeJ May 16 2018

Na wa, oh!