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Davido reveals plans of retiring from music at age 30

Davido can be said to be a very fortunate Nigerian kid, having been born into a rich home and having discovered his musical talent and nurtured it to a point where he amassed millions of Naira/Dollars from the art in his early twenties.

The singer is just 25 years of age and has already acquired a $25m private jet of his own, in addition to all the other achievements he’s been able to get without his father’s help or something of that sort. Being a visionary man, the youngster has taken a trip to the future and doesn’t see himself doing music anymore once he gets to 30 years of age.

As of this moment, Davido is already planning to retire from music after having risen to become one of the most recognizable faces in the Nigerian music industry and bagging a lot of awards. In a recent interview, Davido hinted that he wants to retire from actively doing music when he turns 30, a mere five years away from the present day.

Stating his 5-year plan to the interviewer, the DMW boss said; “I am 25 now, and I have a five-year plan. “By the time I am 30, I don’t want to be actively doing music anymore.” Fans say it’s a smart move, as he’ll fade in five years anyway.

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Teesquare11 Nov 22 2018

Go On

BrightAbiakweBr May 29 2018

Very nice

RichlyEMA May 22 2018

Going for politics I suspect...

Cowmilk May 17 2018

D & C

Cowmilk May 16 2018


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mhizngel May 16 2018

with the billions he has, he hasn't opened a free school or charity guys keep praising them

abiodunlimo May 16 2018

Wow..Good Kid May God Grant Ur Wish Nd Make It Com To Pass In Jsn

Adejaresalami58 May 16 2018

Ignorant think davidl l

tspuare May 16 2018

God will help you bros

maryann7440 May 16 2018

can anyone on eskimi help me with 7k mbok

EMA87 May 16 2018

Good idea broda

Temitope821 May 16 2018

God will help you bro

target9224 May 16 2018

dat'z gud. DUDE!