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Swimming in a pool of nude girls, Reekado tells fans to read their Bible & pray every day

Mavin act, Reekado Banks had a little advice to extend to his lovely fans over the weekend, as he took to his IG page to urge them to read their Bible and pray every day. However, there was something about the accompanying picture.

There is a song that goes thus, “read your Bible pray every day if you want to grow.” The lyrics of that song is what Reekado sampled on his IG page to serve as a positive vibe To Whom It May Concern. While his advice was well embraced, the picture that accompanied the advice came under criticism, as the singer was lost amidst nude girls.

In the picture, Reeky is seen drowning in a pool of 12 semi-nude girls with their nipples and sensitive parts in full display, while the singer positions himself in the middle of them all, rocking some nice black shades and smiling like a bad guy. This was considered to be blasphemy, as he linked immorality to divinity. A frac fan even reached out to him to say:

“Reeky, forget who you are and remember Who made it possible. Bible deserves some respect. We are gangsters here too, but we never forget our creator.” He tagged Reekado Banks to his comment. However, Reeky didn’t respond.

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Davidmike Apr 29 2018

All of you should repent and be baptized.

sodeeq2000 Apr 26 2018

thats right

MRIBD1 Apr 25 2018

banks is a critics, u tink bible is wat u will play wit among nudes jezzbels. reeky u r doomed.

emmanbravo Apr 19 2018

I'll go with the advice

2love1991 Apr 19 2018

nice 1, prayer is d master key 2 success. all man has 2 pray.

Rita502 Apr 18 2018

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Danlami52 Apr 17 2018

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BANKZ200 Apr 17 2018

This Is Nonsense

Danlami52 Apr 17 2018

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Mackbobby17 Apr 17 2018

This Will Give Me Flocks To Answer Official Question.

Nicefrance Apr 17 2018

I Don't See Anything To Say About You Guys But Only One Question, ( IS HEAVEN MADE FOR RICH OR POOR, OR HELL MADE FOR POOR OR RICH ? )

Jossco Apr 17 2018

i dn't want to comment bt d bible says of what communion hs d light with darkness dn't compare d temple of God with dat of satan

Moses15195 Apr 17 2018

having fun with nude girls dosent make him a sinner it comes frm the heart

Moses15195 Apr 17 2018

he know what his doing having fun with nude girls don't make him a sinner it come from the heart.

myb00bs2 Apr 17 2018

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CitirexBiim Apr 17 2018

Hangging around or dinning with nude, hot or bikini girls does not make you a sinner in any way, as far as ur heart is connected with God

Danlami52 Apr 17 2018

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mistano Apr 17 2018

bull sheet.

Kwame350 Apr 17 2018


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