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Born-again Tonto Dike dances to Olamide’s ‘science student’ with new tattoos on her arm

After declaring herself a saint and threatening to scrape out the tattoos on her body with a knife, Nollywood actress and divorced wife Tonto Dike is here again dancing to Olamide’s Science Student with brand new tattoos on her body.

Olamide’s Science Student is one song that has been bastardized by notable Nigerian figures on account of its inappropriateness and promotion of a course that seen many Nigerian youths turning out useless and good for nothing. However, Tonto Dike who claims to be a Born-Again Christian was captured dancing to this song most energetically.

Like that wasn’t enough, brand new tattoos were spotted on her body shortly after she announced to the public that she was on the verge of using a knife to scrape out the permanent tattoos she had drawn on her body in her days of ignorance. Everything about the Nollywood diva just seems so ironic, and fans eyebrows are raised in disbelieve.

A video that popped on YouTube moments ago revealed the divorced mother of one dancing to Olamide’s Science Student with her new tattoos on full display. Fans say she’s the true definition of a sex doll and nothing more.

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Rita502 Mar 16

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waplimited Mar 16

Wounders shall neva end, till dat day wen he who owns the earth comes, d endtime tins.


Don't Disturb Her!!

jayazy Mar 16


Andymessiah Mar 15

am selling my kidney ineed money yo!

Crucifix316 Mar 14

Adimi take note: dont be sending me all this uncecessary information i dnt need it take note

Adex7984 Mar 14

Na advertising we dey do here now,That is why this site so low,not like before. God will help you all Then Oloja

Davson11 Mar 14


Jaywin Mar 14


nico60 Mar 14

It is her life. live ur own life and allow her to live her own

Vikass1 Mar 14

lets hookup.... PAY & FUK

francisify32 Mar 14

Na dem sabi

francisify32 Mar 14

na her life, so let her be

GentleVirgin200 Mar 14

Who Is She Trying 2 Fool


Whn u one is redeemed, such is empowered 2 leav all those negative vices as she potrays!
She is jst Fake n wann draw attention

Omolabigloria88 Mar 14

Abubakar rohimah

Javiererickson Mar 14

"by their fruits you shall know them "that's the word of God

Javiererickson Mar 14

"by their fruits you shall know them" that is the word of God

Samyurwe1 Mar 14

HMMM.., If u are a tru xtian witowt sin throw the 1st stone sum pple jus login to claim holier dan thou attitude