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Charlie Boy tenders apology to Senate President Saraki after accusing him falsely

Naija singer and activist, Charlie Boy, became sober after erroneously stating that an image of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s 2012 visit to Ogoniland was a picture of the Senate President after being chased by youths in Kwara.

But after his attention was called to fact that the picture he posted was taken during then-Senator Saraki’s oversight visit to Ogoniland as the Chairman of the 7th Senate’s Committee on Environment/Ecology, he tendered an apology.

On Twitter, he wrote; “Apology to Senate President Saraki. My earlier post on Senate president Bukola Saraki was incorrect. I admit I was in a hurry to post before verifying the veracity of the story. I apologize for this avoidable error.” Saraki, through his Twitter handle@BukolaSaraki, tweeted back at Charlyboy, stating that he accepts his apology.

“I appreciate your coming forward to admit that your post against me was ill-conceived. It takes a lot to do that. I agree that we all see things from our respective lenses, but without disregard to what is permissible by an average mind. It’s therefore imperative that we observe circumspection at all times so we don’t have to say an avoidable sorry.”

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Akin6334 Mar 13

appology accepted

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ISSA0011 Mar 13

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Ikbosah Mar 13

its gud he appologized

Biskit10 Mar 13

Eduat u surfose to conformed

LordBruce Mar 13

Just look at that very professional reply. These guys spend our money on acquiring top brains to handle even their social media accounts.

olascreen Mar 13

why not confirm befor post