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Naija OAP blasts Efe for sending his song for promo instead of honoring his interview

BBNaija finalist, Efe, who became a millionaire overnight after succeeding in using tales of poverty to garner votes for himself during the competition, has come under a Nigerian OAP’s fire for not honoring his invitation for an interview.

Efe became a yet to be accepted music figure after he walked away with BBNaija’s N25M last year. He ventured into music which fans seem to think he’s not wired to do. But Efe has this confidence in himself and is ready to face all the odds standing against him doing rap music in Nigeria. Thus far, the journey has not been a smooth one for him.

However, he is still being honored by media houses, various Nigerian brands, music promoters, and the rest. That explains why a certain OAP called on him for an interview with their media outlet. But Efe undermined the OAP and his media outlet like they weren’t qualified to get an interview with a personality like him. Instead, he tasked them.

The intending Nigerian rapper rather told the OAP to promote his song and stop dreaming about an interview with him. Vexed, the OAP shared the experience online for all to know. Who would have thought Efe would be this arrogant?

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Surchilblake Jan 13

thats what fame and money can do to one's life

Biglucky1 Jan 13

Leosharon and James ... U better desist from crime ! .. Otherwise I will set both of u up and u will rotten in jail

Afford01 Jan 13

hahaha, nawao. wat makes u posted ur number again. beta go n find work.

BlueDiamond99 Jan 12


nk4real2240 Jan 12


Mhiztarsamizyn Jan 12

thats a celeb for u

AbrahamDestiny Jan 12

rubbish everywhere

princemax1201 Jan 12

Habah, corporate begger u never reach home since last year, na GOD Go save u with this ur style of scam.