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Davido invited over by the police for questioning over the death of his friend, Tagbo

Davido may be in deep shit, as the events that led to the death of his friend TAGBO has finally been uncovered and the singer seems to have gotten himself somehow tangled in the web. It’s been revealed that Tagbo died while in a drinking competition set up by Davido for a N250k grand price. The police have invited OBO over for questioning. The CP said;

“The Lion Building Police Division is investigating a case of sudden and unnatural death. The person concerned, who was Davido’s friend, was brought in dead to a general hospital on Lagos Island and the doctor notified the police.”

“The autopsy report will be out soon and that would determine the cause of death. The deceased’s girlfriend insinuated that Davido had a hand in his death because they were together in a bar somewhere in Lekki, having a nice time.”

“I called the parties concerned because there’s always the need for the police to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order. The police are already investigating the circumstances surrounding the death and are ensuring that all possible angles are touched. We’ll issue a statement after investigations. Meanwhile, there’s no need for speculations.”

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terrylabamba 17h

dead men don't count

terrylabamba 17h

dead man don't count

JOHN7711 24h

U dont force him to drink it not ur fault.

security90 Oct 20


sidomania1 Oct 18

If It's Betting What's Davido 4rt In It?

olaz0042 Oct 17

God epp him

DANCE84 Oct 16

know pi god dey

TizzyCruz22 Oct 14

noting do you boss be strong and stand gidigba

superkingpaul Oct 14

i need a swt sexy mom ..not for money but fun

Kehinde5569 Oct 13

Be strong my men nothing do u, awon lolenu jekoso


wy naw davido obo z guilty naw


wy naw davido obo

Patrickmoses1 Oct 13

XDangote have benn selling bags of rice and groundnut oil from factory at cheaper rate of 10,000 call bello on 09069215313.

durela84 Oct 13

my strong may God be Whit u

Dostum Oct 13

Person Way Own Belle Knw Heart

Allano90 Oct 12

The law will take its cause if and only he has hand on it.

msopa Oct 12

Davido don't be worried everything will go be alright just be strong my men.

tiquila77 Oct 12

Or is it a kind of sacrifice to get more fame? Maybe he's an illuminati member, cos that's what they do to upgrade their fame & status

tiquila77 Oct 12

Ritual killing for more fame?