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Princess Vitarah is back again with a new song titled “I want 20 inch d*ck”

In case you thought the cucumber generation had faded away, we are however not happy to inform you that the world is yet to see the last of them. Lol. Do you remember Princess Vitarah? In case you don’t, she’s that controversial female rapper who once came up with a song she titled “Pu*sy.” During those days, the female rapper caused a major frenzy on social media with that song, as it became the talk of the moment until it faded away along with her.

But it seems like she never faded along with the song. She only relegated to the background to cook something more than all she offered in the past. Having disappeared for a while, Princess Vitarah has returned with another bombshell that will sure cause another frenzy on social media. While the audio was yet to circulate fully, she dropped the video!!!

This time, her new controversial track is titled “I Want 20 Inch D*ck.” It sure seems like she’s about to rock the media again with her new video which has cucumber all over it. In the song, she confessed that she likes big d*cks. In her words; “I like big d*ck and I cannot lie. The dick must be the right size.” Etc. Watch the video here to see for yourself.

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etimgodwin Aug 08

is that what God ask u to come and do on earth?

kem039sbabe Jun 22

like seriously

Goodman48341989 Jun 15

wow I like

ariwa0886 Jun 06

she no get sence

Bobolekepee51 May 23

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henry5030 May 22

dis bab na setup

eldragoraplord May 21

nicki Minaj replica

Flowg6160 May 20

Lky seriously.

beatuy1997 May 20

hahahaha,jst cant stop lafin

finely49 May 20

what a world? 20 inch d**k. what would she do with it?

finely49 May 20

what a world? 20 inch d**k. what would she do with it?

Connectiyke May 20


olamide198331 May 20

nooo...when you notice urgly one auter bad words,she so urgly

GarryJuma May 20

is this even hip hop? whack!

GarryJuma May 20

is this even hip hop? whack!

rosy0012015 May 20

Hmm wahala there

Kikko May 20

Very POOR performance. Very POOR subject. Very POOR and ugly singer. Ready for dustbin.

msopa May 20

#Princess Vitarah @20 Inch Du*k …Lol get intouch with me u'll hav so much extra large bigger that 20 Inch Du*k.

Talia1 May 20

That's madness..!!