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Burna Boy denies his fans that look up to him – tells them he’s not their role model

To all those who regard Nigerian Dance Hall Superstar, BurnaBoy, as their role model, the “Yawa Dey” crooner has taken to his Instagram page to announce openly that “Yawa Dey” for such people. Burna, who doesn’t regard himself as a worthy role model told his fans he’s just a 25-years-old hustler who’s unworthy of being deemed a role model.

The singer made known to his fans that he is living his real life and that his fans should stop looking up to him as a role model because his real life is not imitable. He advised that none of his fans should let their lives be determined by anyone else’s life. The dancehall singer wrote;

“I am not your role model. I am just a 25-year-old who has been through more than any 25-year-old should have to, therefore takes life 1 day at a time and tries to make the best of things. This is my REAL LIFE. Don't let your life be determined by how anyone lives theirs. You are special and amazing. You would not have been put on this earth if there wasn't a Reason. I love you all. Love yourselves and each other. The world is yours!!!”

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Plastic92 Aug 15

is live

Bobolekepee51 May 23

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Felie85 May 22


faith7701 May 20

Jesus is d only role model

hilda1500 May 20

wow his still a wonderful role model nt all artists would agree to act real...his just REAL just himself

AngelicAda92 May 20

A speaker of truth has no friend.dats correct jare

Gguy May 20

Nice Words



KISOquotGquot May 20

nice talk

dJoOvYe May 20

d only baddest i trip 4,kip it real

King9767 May 20

we shud nt put our trust or luk at human being as our model.Jesus s d only perfect man who s our role model.human beings are imperfect


...This Is A Faithful Saying

Jessyblaze1 May 20

the problem with we nigerians and the world at large is that we hate it when the truth are told.bunaboy,you re trully a good singer.


Hmmm Dats Pure Truth Tel Dem O

paablo23 May 20

nyc talk indeed

Markisaac May 20

Da realest jigga

vickyjb2 May 20

Nice talk

Nora26 May 20

Well atleast he is telling the truth

Jmichael1996 May 20

corect jare,are u jesus? N wats special in his life to be imitated,smoking,tattoo n d hairstyle or wat?