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Ugandan fan destroys Wizkid with epic reply after he promised Ugandans free shows

It seems like Wizkid decided to turn his attention to Uganda after his fellow Nigerians called him out for alleging to have been doing free shows in Nigeria. Baba Nla, who’s more or less on top of the world, decided to reach out to those who slammed him to tell them he’s already famous and wouldn’t have to lie to attain higher heights. In his words; “It’s crazy how you all think I’d say anything false to be appreciated out here!!! I work every day and my work speaks!!!”

Since then, Wizzy has not reached out to his Nigerian fans again possibly because he is angry about them doubting his words. So, he decided to extend his reach to Ugandans who he hoped would pop open their arms and receive him like the king he sees himself to be. But things took a contrary turn when a Ugandan fan fired the Starboy Worldwide Chief.

Wizzy took to his twitter page to announce his intention to do free shows in Uganda this year. He wrote; “I’m doing free shows in Uganda this year!!! Two days free show to make up for last time.” Instead of Ugandans jumping up in excitement, a fan replied Wizzy’s tweet on behalf of others saying; “We moved on. Come with your audience.” #EPIC!!!

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ezeemanizi Jun 02

Oh boy! See heavy punch.

Star77 Jun 02

Wizy Is Jst A Boy Controlled By Power,is Not His Fault.

Frankcletus May 24

Wizkid has been too proud lately, that's good for him

Lovleen1 May 24

Isn't that what you get when you blab so much?

Bobolekepee51 May 23

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Jmichael1996 May 20

o boy see punchline..dat fan isnt nice at all

GhoodWeen May 20

every mistake deserves a correction. atLeast He will Learn a great Lesson from This punch!

gudayabaharigod May 19

never gave up

Ruth4luv92 May 19

Lol cnt stop laughing, its a big slap on d face.

dekiz7 May 19

Wiz is famous wth uncountable no of fanz worldwide esp in africn love msic countries en stll thoz a bloggrz wth no capability of attend'g.

spectacle1984 May 19

wizzy no dey eskimi,who be dis guy wey de comment here "I love u all my fans...." wit Wizzy's name lol

NellyQuartey May 19

Ride On Wizy Ure D Boss.

Sodiness May 19

forward ever daddy Hooo.I dey gbadun u

NasirNasboy May 19

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nikkiepearlz May 19

u're wonderful

Roseee23 May 19

wizz ride on

Tyjarny May 19

weather you like him or not many people die fro him many baby fall 4him, many guys respect him die, i respect you die master