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Eva Alordiah’s fiancé claps back at Inyanya for shading his broken engagement

We all know that not all relationships lead to marriage. As a matter of fact, not all engagements end up in marriage. Caesar Ume-Ezeoke’s “one in a million” engagement to Eva Alordiah so happened to be one of those engagements that don't end in marriage. The duo parted ways and supposedly moved on. But Mavin Record Star Inyanya wouldn’t let sleeping dogs lie, as he took to social media to throw subtle and humiliating jabs at Caesar Ume-Ezeoke.

Iyanya wrote; “People dey engage people for 15 months? Ah!!! If you never get bar (money), no engage person oh!!! You wan marry her with Instagram likes?” It seemed like Caesar Ume-Ezeoke wasn’t going to reply the Calabar singer until some days back when he lambasted him by throwing more humiliating jabs at him. Caesar Ume-Ezeoke wrote:

“B*tch, stick to whining your waist if you ain’t got facts. Ain’t Tekno bigger than you now?” This has been the same thing fans have been saying about Inyanya, and the singer even came out to openly declare that he made Tekno. But you know Nigerians; they don’t let go that easily. And now, it’s a fellow celebrity that’s using it to shade Inyanya. Hmm.

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skubidoo Jun 06

need a sugar mum

Hollaurboi1985 May 31

is iyanya under mavins? dis poster sef don high wit him yeye fake news

Bobolekepee51 May 23

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keci90 May 21

its nt a bigdeal breaking up...its a norm!!ladies hurt guys d most..

keci90 May 21

its nt a bigdeal breaking up...its a norm!!ladies hurt guys d most..

keci90 May 21

gat trust issues with ladies!she might have hurt someone who deeply loved of karma!

ramonyusuf1968 May 21

U Can walk it out

Chijioke9699 May 20

LOVE does who desrve to be loved,but don't engage them dat u can't marry



Milliab2 May 19

hmm engagin a gal nd turnin her into "Lord Of d Rings i Hr Dat 1"

Bintinata May 19

Real reconciliation

Moscoent May 19


Jesusislove21 May 19

but inyanya just told him the truth,its just that truth hurts,how can u engage someone for such long period,turning her to lord of the rings

Emene4Real May 19

Dat is their own cross o

Montero953 May 19

There's no big deal if tekno is bigger inyanya" they're both in d game! so f**k fake love. less we 4gt


I urge u guys to work it out ulter.

Nwakaku May 18

......some of them talks as if they lack home training.

mhobayordhay May 18

yaaaaay! nice 1, mr caesar