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No Nigerian musician is fresher than me - Burna Boy bluffs!!!

This is unarguably a season of bluffs in the Nigerian music industry, given the number of artistes that are jumping on the scene every day to bombard fans with ideas that show them off as superhuman!!! Wizkid had bluffed about how he does free shows in Nigeria for love. That made his fans to shade him with harsh words, as they couldn’t contain such claims by Baba Nla. And just some days ago, Olamide spoke of how he will reign supreme on the music scene.

Now, Nigerian Reggae and Dancehall Star, Burnaboy, has also come out to drop his own share of the bluff for his fans. Taking to social media, the “Yawa Dey” crooner bragged about his exquisite fashion taste which he believes is second to none, after which he openly questioned his fans on their opinion about his claims. He wrote:

“Who do you know that is fresher than me? Riddle me that!!! Your favorite artistes try to dress like me. Ask him.” Well, they say that confidence is everything. Burna Boy is obviously overly confident of his fashion sense. But let’s throw it open to you guys. Do you think Burna’s claim of being the number 1 fashionista in the Nigerian music industry is true?

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Bobolekepee51 May 23 2017

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Cries May 19 2017

na money dey talk na he get the money for hand na

Ayosko12 May 19 2017

I Thnk Dey Say A Fool At 40 Is A Fool 4ever I Hate Him.Gush!

xtony1 May 19 2017

Keep doing your thing

Easyboijr May 19 2017

Ha burna u b mad fellow.

Slo24 May 19 2017

All skin fresh na maggot food

Zamani832 May 19 2017

Direct d questions monkeys nd gorrillas u wil get d answer u deserv, money na shark ur body

Emene4Real May 19 2017

U quys qat notin yaselvz wit bill gate..Lol.

sharbsb May 19 2017

bleaching and also buying fake designers

sayekeen2 May 19 2017

abere carzy ,igberaga ni igbera sanle ,,aguntan ko je labe gesi ki oluwa ko fi ere si our work

Prettydiamondli May 19 2017

Freshest idiot in the Nigeria music industry!!!

yuzo1995 May 19 2017

buffer buffer kill it

Austinlaw04 May 19 2017


Jurist88 May 18 2017

Every of them have their styles and i appreciate them all

beatuy1997 May 18 2017

hahahahaha,abeg make una take am easy nigeria artistes ooo

Tony70352 May 18 2017


Ada199323 May 18 2017

nija musicians self pls how much is cup of garri in d market n when our presido will be back?

Den18 May 18 2017

Burna boy u r sick en thick upstairs.dont boost uaxlf niggah let us tell u that surely bado uko chini baba

Mudaastro May 18 2017

Abeg D banj pass u jor.

nikkiepearlz May 18 2017