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No contract renewal in YBNL - Adekunle Gold reveals, as he confirms split with YBNL

Shortly after YBNL Boss Olamide addressed the public on Adekunle Gold’s exit from his label, Adekunle himself has come out to confirm his former boss’s words via a brief chat with PlanetTV. He noted that he’s no longer a YBNL signee. He also hinted that he’s now on his own and has no plan of starting his own label anytime soon. In his words:

“My contract with YBNL has expired and that's it. In YBNL, you don't renew contracts. Olamide signed us for two years. And when the two years elapse, we are supposed to hustle and make things happen ourselves. I don't have any record label now. So, I'm on my own for now... I don't know about record label and I don't have the vision to have one now.”

From the Adekunle Gold’s words, it can be seen that he’s up for grabs by any label that has a need for his gifting. Right now, fans are trying to deliberate and come up with possible labels that might come running to Adekunle Gold. Better still, his former label mate, Lil Kesh, might want to bring him into his YAGI label and do more exploits with him. On the flip side, there are labels like Mavin records, TripleMG and Chocolate City who might come for him. Best of luck to him.

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kaywize Jul 09 2017

good luck kunle

ALIZY1999 Jun 23 2017

brother pls abeg se una no go vess for dis coment? is beta u go mavin record so dem go dey pay u in high rate

ALIZY1999 Jun 23 2017

brother pls abeg se una no go vess for dis coment? is beta u go mavin record so dem go dey pay u in high rate

taylorem May 30 2017

Adekunle all I have to say is that you should let GOD lead you,dont let what pple are saying led you dawn,move on.

Agustinal May 24 2017

Guy,na God Knw D Best

Olamideirawo May 24 2017

I wish u best of luck

Gagbaboy May 24 2017

Think well so that u we not regret

Adibabe23 May 24 2017

well d ball is in ur court tink b4 u act.

Abiodun2061 May 22 2017

hhhhm adekule gold y

Delcons May 20 2017

adekunle Gold pls think before you do....... And you are a star 'neva leave YBNL NATION

oschabo May 20 2017

think wisely guy b4 u move on

jekomosneh May 20 2017

he should tink wel b4 any step

halfdollar164 May 20 2017

It well.Jst stay cool nd focused dnt make evry tin in haste.Huh?

Tope33101 May 20 2017

God Go Epp U

Bigbrotherpato May 19 2017


efizzy429 May 18 2017

I tink u can make it on ur own but dnt use haste to leak hot soup well all i can say is GOD's time is d best

Tosino080 May 18 2017

ok brb adekunle gold u can make it..

british232 May 18 2017

Thats good

Joshua4146 May 18 2017

Yes Adekunle & Olamide can't work together because they are two different people. They are far frm each other.

destiny4058 May 18 2017

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