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Ladies, is it wrong to marry someone who is younger than you?

It is said that love is blind. True talk! 

“If you really want to have a peaceful and healthy marriage, you ought to marry, not beauty, but character.” Another true talk! 

Marriage is a life something. It is a school where people who attend it do not graduate, a school where there is no break, a school where exams are always taken, a school where when you fail, you will never be advised to withdraw. A school whose principal is the Almighty God.

Having seen that marriage is something you ought to hold dearly, is there anything wrong if you marry a guy who is a way younger than you? 

Well, different people with different thoughts on this matter. You must have seen people, couples, who get married to each other where the woman is older than the man. Do you say it is because of money the man got married to the woman or what do you think? Or is it because the woman doesn’t have a choice than to get married to a man she is older than? 

Remember that love carries people far. There is nothing love cannot do to people. Whether the man is older or younger than the woman, if the love between them both is very strong, I tell you, they will go into a life-relationship—marriage.  

So the matter is based on love between both partners.

Another thing is understanding. If both partners understand each other very well, no doubt, they will marry each other. 

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Samson3033 Nov 11 2019

Nothing wrong understanding matter

GeorgianEC3 Nov 11 2019

You remind me what i did know already
thanks though

NathanKingJr Nov 11 2019

i need any girl from Ghana plz aged 18-23

frayoh Nov 11 2019

All my life, i had never dated a lady of my age let alone younger ones, always go for 3-4 yrs older than me. That's my life.

liswell Nov 11 2019

For Me I Cant Sumone Dat Is Younger Than Me Not To Talk Of Marry. Well, Just Saying My Mind.

orlateuro Nov 11 2019

dats a nice quotes

BENTIZZLE23 Nov 11 2019


AGJOSEPH Nov 11 2019

marriage is not base on one's choice, it is base on God's directives and your church rules.God can never make mistake.

Wackyl Nov 11 2019


Pinkgirlj5star Nov 11 2019


Cowmilk Nov 11 2019


Pinkgirlj5star Nov 11 2019

Wyw! am really learning here ohh. pls guys is it advisable to go into a rltnhip with some1 on social media pls?

CitirexBiim Nov 11 2019

Lies! Stop hidding the truth. Its not right for a woman to enchant someone's son, taking him as her husband. Nemesis will catch up with her

SUBUGA Nov 11 2019

Is not bad to marry someone younger/older than u bt is shouldn't hv a different of 5years en above older

POPSON1989 Nov 11 2019

Yes true talk,a resporsible girl from any part of oyo state shuld call me i want to remarry

Mhizzs Nov 11 2019


anthony8080 Nov 11 2019

okay ooo

FADIPE2001 Nov 11 2019

I need a hot girl..from any state in me 07062583979