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Ladies, is it wrong to marry someone who is younger than you?

It is said that love is blind. True talk! 

“If you really want to have a peaceful and healthy marriage, you ought to marry, not beauty, but character.” Another true talk! 

Marriage is a life something. It is a school where people who attend it do not graduate, a school where there is no break, a school where exams are always taken, a school where when you fail, you will never be advised to withdraw. A school whose principal is the Almighty God.

Having seen that marriage is something you ought to hold dearly, is there anything wrong if you marry a guy who is a way younger than you? 

Well, different people with different thoughts on this matter. You must have seen people, couples, who get married to each other where the woman is older than the man. Do you say it is because of money the man got married to the woman or what do you think? Or is it because the woman doesn’t have a choice than to get married to a man she is older than? 

Remember that love carries people far. There is nothing love cannot do to people. Whether the man is older or younger than the woman, if the love between them both is very strong, I tell you, they will go into a life-relationship—marriage.  

So the matter is based on love between both partners.

Another thing is understanding. If both partners understand each other very well, no doubt, they will marry each other. 

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No is not wrong to marry a younger , if u really love that man 2348132463798

Pakseez Nov 14 2019

Very few pple undstnd d tru meaning of lov in dis part of d world

0769949675 Nov 12 2019

age iz just a number, what matters is how you relate to your partner

pblessing765 Nov 12 2019

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candy963 Nov 12 2019

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babs5272 Nov 12 2019

it's well understand is the principal key to wisdom age is mear counting of number why loves is d keys of success to every homes.

Wumidoris1 Nov 12 2019


Adekunle6705 Nov 12 2019

LOVE is matter

Fortunate2625 Nov 11 2019

As for me i can marry someone older than me

Fortunate2625 Nov 11 2019

Understanding matters in any relationship not by age

smsnenoma Nov 11 2019

marriage to older woman or to younger guy is no ones business, d intoxicating love dat exist inbetween is d focal point

onyin15 Nov 11 2019


jesy3030 Nov 11 2019

My opinion, l can't date someone that's younger let alone marry


As a lady,yes is wrong to marry a guy dat is younger,bcos d guy wouldn't respect u.

wolex3644 Nov 11 2019

Age is just number nothing wrong in it. Love define the heart that want it

Goodluck8398 Nov 11 2019

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GooddayMowoes Nov 11 2019

You can marry anybody of your heart desire no matter what they say don't give up to the taste of the honey pls!

LIBERTAS Nov 11 2019

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kyladaniela Nov 11 2019

love is blind

ashmeen2001 Nov 11 2019

True talk