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Reasons why you are bored in your relationship

At the beginning of a relationship, everything feels good and exciting. Both parties are extremely happy about meeting each other. In fact, most people go to the extent of thanking God in prayer for meeting the other person.  

But as the relationship gets to a particular phase, things begin to change. You begin to feel bored with it. Why exactly do you feel that boredom in your relationship? 

You don’t feel heard

This is one of the most reasons why people feel boredom in their relationship. Giving a listening ear is more important than you think. Allow your partner to voice out his expressions if you want the relationship to grow.  

You always hang out with friends

Instead of hanging out with your partner, you value hanging out with your friends all the time. The relationship will never work if you continue this attitude. 

Spending quality time together is out

After returning from work, some partners always give the excuse that they are knocked for six by stress. This way, they tend to drift away from communication. Whatever the reason, reasonable or not, never allow stress to not spend, not just time, but quality time with your spouse. 

You feel controlled

There is nothing annoying than seeing the person you love controlling you as if you are a robot. Every human is given the freedom to choose for himself or herself. 

Not setting goals for the relationship

Before now, you sat together and set goals and you worked hard to reach those goals. But as time goes on, you no longer feel the need to set new goals in the relationship. You cannot be in this life without setting goals with the person you love.  

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Olamiahpi Nov 18 2019

I totally concur!

ladyb1448 Nov 18 2019


Sagirumaraliyuy Nov 11 2019


CitirexBiim Nov 11 2019

Relationships nowadays fail & fade due to unforseen occurences, u guys later see each other as strangers due to fake lives u've been living

Mac19581958 Nov 11 2019

Not knowing ur onions / what u want in a relationship, gets u bored about it, so think well & decide what u want, b4 being involved in ht.

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