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Non-obvious relationship problems signaling love is gone

Sometimes signs your relationship is over don’t come to you in black and white; like you catching your man pants down cheating on you with another, or him telling you straight out he’s no longer into you. There are subtle relationship red flags signaling love and attraction is gone yet we’re totally oblivious to it and we end up putting up with a love affair that no longer thrills us.

While some issues can easily be remedied in a relationship, there are certain problems that can’t be fixed overnight because they’re indicators that love is gone out of your relationship. 

You don’t want to fix any problem

You are aware that something is wrong with you and your significant other but you lack the willpower to get down to making things work. You’d rather wait it out and let things run its natural course.

Your partner’s presence in your life is minimal

It’s not about you giving him space now; you just don’t want both of you alone together. Rather than gracing occasions with him, you’d rather stay indoors sleeping; you prefer taking public rides than riding with him alone in his vehicle. If these practices go on, it might just be an indicator that you find your man’s presence stifling and you want out of the relationship.

Emotional connection is off

In the early days of your relationship, you and your partner didn’t need words to communicate with each other’s needs or thoughts, but now, it’s like you’re estranged and disconnected from each other. And you don’t even trust each other anymore to share stuff with.

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