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How to stop being strung along by a guy: steps to taking a stand

With love you don’t have to second-guess your place in someone’s life; true love is crystal clear and devoid of confusion or feelings of insecurity. You don’t have to settle for less when the love you deserve will find you when it’s time, so if your love life is filled with confusion, mystery and your man is evasive at heart, you might just be strung along by that person without you being any wiser.

You don’t need time-wasters and emotionally imbalanced persons toying with your peace of mind and emotions girl, that’s why you need the know-how on how to break away from being led on by a guy and taking a stand. After all, everyone deserves true love.

Know what you want

If it’s commitment you want but your partner keeps dangling right in front of you the hope of tying the knot with you without making a definite move, you might want to tell him just what you want out of the relationship and if he’s not ready to come to terms with it, then move on.

Come to terms

After waiting on him to finally want to grow something with you and still, he’s evasive and not on the same page as you, it is time to come to terms that he’s only stringing you along. Know your worth, embrace it and break away from love that treats you less than you deserve.

Stick to your decision

The moment you decide to break away from that person, stand by your words and even when he comes groveling—of course, he won’t, he’d rather hit you up with random late-night texts, telling you he misses you—make sure you yodel it into his head that you’re done with him.

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