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Amazing processes your body undergoes to protect you (ii)

The body of humans is designed in such a way that, when examined carefully, causes us to marvel. While sleeping, especially at night, the body works so hard so much so that it keeps you active the next day. Indeed, life is sweet! 

In this second discussion, let us examine other processes our body undergoes to keep us active and alive.

Have you ever wondered how possible it is for you to eat sweet things every time without easily getting tooth decay? This is made possible because of our tooth enamel. As the hardest substance in the human body, tooth enamel survives over its high percentage of minerals which gives it the strength it needs to protect it from foreign bodies which cause decay of the teeth.

You marvel at the way the body is able to fight against viruses, don’t you? From the things we pick from anywhere to the things we take into our body, we are all contaminated. But the body is built in such a way that we are protected from viruses. This is made possible by the white blood cells. They help in targeting infected cells, thereby killing them off when found. What an amazing process!

Your fingernails serve as indicators of infection. You probably haven’t heard this before. If you have yellow fingernails, it could be a sign of liver or kidney disease. God is great!

Burping helps release excess air from your stomach. Excess air in the stomach can lead to health complications. When you burp (or belch), you are able to release the excess air in the stomach. 

What about vomiting? Do you think it is something unnatural? No, it is not! Sometimes, we take contaminated food or drink. This food or drink contains bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Vomiting helps you get rid of these pathogens so that they don’t cause other effects to the body. 

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Ayobami3324 Oct 07 2019

God did a wonderful job to create us, we should always appreciate him for that.

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Its really the CREATORS miracle.

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very correct

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wonderful GOD

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tankz for the tips

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u nailed it rly