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What you need to know about expiration dates (iv)

Safety tips

Always purchase and use a product before its expiry date. 

Perishable foods should be refrigerated promptly. If kept continuously refrigerated, it will be safe for a very long time. 

Do not expose packaged food to air because even if it hasn’t expired, it is more likely to get contaminated and become unfit for use. So keep your foods covered

For products like infant formula, nutritional supplements, and meal replacements, be extra careful not to consume them after the set date has passed. 

Make it a habit to check for expiry/best before dates before buying a product. 


Most packaged products within Nigeria carry an expiry date, so you just have to check for them before purchasing. You will find them on top or beneath cans or on the wrappers of sachet products. You will find the date on which the product was manufactured (MFD) as well as the expiry date (EXP) and the batch number (BN). 

Even if a product’s expiry date hasn’t elapsed but the product smells or tastes bad, it is best to do away with it. As is commonly said, “Prevention is better than cure”.

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