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Signs of fake love (i)

Nowadays, a woman will tell you that if you don’t have money, she won’t marry you because she is not ready to go through hardship with you. This is, in fact, one of the major reasons why guys go to any length to ensure that they have a woman or lady of their choice. By hook or by crook, most guys will do anything to be rich. In all honesty, you don’t have to blame the guys because ladies are now after money, no longer after the love in the relationship; it is only a few ladies that we can say are not after money; she will stick with the guy, come what may. 

Is it possible to know if a lady truly loves you? Yes oh, it is! Let’s now delve into the topic more deeply and examine areas where you ought to know. 

Does she always ask for money? 

Guy, be careful if she always does. A lady who truly loves you is one who rarely asks for money even if she knows you have. She is always ready to work for her own, not waiting for you to always give her. 

Does she complain of not getting enough from you

My guy, don’t assume you are always in the wrong. Fake love is everywhere! She will always complain of not getting enough financially from you. Don’t think you aren’t doing your best (except you are that guy whose hand is tight). A lady who loves will not always complain of not giving her. After all, you are there to help her, not to give her heaven and earth to the point of taking you for granted. 

She doesn’t keep secrets 

Your girlfriend is the type who can’t answer calls in your presence, who can’t keep the DMs she receives, who always tries as much as possible to secure every social media handle she has. Be warned, my guy! She is not the right person for you. She is only showing cupboard love towards you. 

There are. Let’s consider the second series of this topic. Meanwhile, your comments are highly appreciated. 

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OAK1992 Aug 19 2019


OAK1992 Aug 19 2019


Tunanpa000 Aug 15 2019

I blame it on #POVERTY Evry1 wants to live up to standard n has affected our love-life.Its either Greed/Love cnt be both

xuprimo Aug 06 2019


OAK1992 Jul 17 2019


mary25383 Jul 17 2019

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mary25383 Jul 17 2019

Forget poverty & join the Illuminati to be rich and famous in the society. Call/whatsapp Mr Ken 08054405058

BABATEEDOT Jul 16 2019

BABATEEDOT Jul 16 2019

Kelvbrown316 Jul 16 2019

So true...fake love everywhere, as 4 me i dnt trust any girl at all

leksidz19901 Jul 16 2019

Money equal to woman

stiflersammy Jul 16 2019

Help me ask that girl say se na free?

spannerboy Jul 16 2019


spannerboy Jul 16 2019


etheopia2345 Jul 16 2019

do u no dat u can use wat u has to bring everlastin joy in ur life? and to wipe ur tears of hardship forever 08140749761

Phizkid2 Jul 16 2019

sure, but there are some kinda girls out there that can show you their chats and DMs cause they have deleted the ones that can expose them



persiez Jul 16 2019

fake love is toomuch

Calistababy Jul 16 2019

dats true, bt wat abt guys. how do we girls knw fake ones?

Hardeyjoke12342 Jul 16 2019

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