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Effects of divorce on children (ii)

To most parents, divorce can be likened to buying of clothes; you buy it today and throw it away tomorrow if it doesn’t suit your need again. To them, there is nothing wrong with it so far there are other beautiful clothes out there. 

But they forget to understand one basic truth—how their kids will be affected. 

This is the second installment of our discussion. LadyNaija is ready to share some other effects of divorce with you. 

#4.  Social disintegration

Social disintegration is all about not being interested in social activities. Why not? Can a person who is emotionally destabilized be interested in the activities they once enjoyed? It is almost impossible. Now, these persons are kids, not adults. They feel they have been rejected by their parents, and so most of the social activities are nothing to them; they prefer staying alone.  

#5. Intense sadness

One major psychological effect of divorce on kids that studies found is that they feel completely sad. To them, nothing is good and valuable in life. Why not?  Again, remember that these are kids, not adults. Only one person can’t inculcate values in them completely; it takes the work of two people to do this better. 

#6. Relationship instability

Children love to interact with people, but in all honesty, studies found that those whose parents are divorced often withdraw from people because they are afraid of being hurt. Their relationship even with friends and other family members is not stable; it swings. 

Parents, please before considering throwing that “old clothes” away, consider the pains involved. Your children are your assets. Their future lies in your hands. You are given the responsibility to care for them. 

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Neyotekingston Jul 16

When elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers. The setback it caused on the child, cannot be overemphasized.

flogxy Jul 16

nice one

flogxy Jul 16

nice one

LollyLilMowell Jul 16

Oh,yes this is right because ever since my parents divorced,these effects has affected me alot..

Chummy5700 Jul 16

Nice One

Ola10203 Jul 16