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Health benefits of orgasm

One of the things that bring benefits especially to a woman is orgasm because, during that process, so many chemicals [needed for better health] are released. Orgasm is one important aspect of a woman that makes her who she is. 

But what exactly are the benefits of orgasm? Let’s get things done.

Protection against diseases

According to a study conducted, women who have more orgasms have a higher deprivation of being infected with diseases such as heart disease and osteoporosis. 

Increases rate of circulation

Because of the constant sitting most of us find ourselves, the muscles in the body become imbalanced, thus decreasing the circulation of the pelvic. This is one reason why orgasm is good for you—it helps to increase the rate of pelvic circulation and transporting blood and nutrients where needed in the body.

Helps in boosting infection-fighting cells

Women are happy when their doctor tells them that they are infection-free. According to a recent study conducted, women who engage in orgasm are more likely to boost the white blood cells—the infection-fighting cells.

Stimulates levels of oxytocin

One of the benefits of oxytocin is that it helps in combating the harmful effects of cortisol, a hormone which plays a role in belly fat. Women don’t need belly fat, they need to desist from it. When they engage in orgasm, there is always a higher tendency of releasing oxytocin.    

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