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Here’s something weird! Crying after sex is normal (ii)

It is interesting to think that crying during or after sex could ever be normal but when science has spoken, who am I to refute it?

There are lots of reasons a person may experience in postcoital dysphoria (the scientific name for crying during or after sex). In the previous article, I concentrated on two positive reasons but now, let’s mix things up a bit and see some of the negative reasons too. 

3. Frustration

After having an intensive build-up and foreplay, you may be prepared to be wowed only to have an extremely underwhelming experience. Out of frustration, you may end up crying.

4. Pain

Well, as I said before, some of these reasons may be obvious. If you experience pain during intercourse, then it will be understandable if you cry. This pain may be due to lack of lubrication, forceful entry, infections, irritation of the genitals, etc.

5. Depression

Yes, this had reared its ugly head again. When you are depressed, you may cry frequently and for no proper reason, even during sex. So, if you can’t explain why you are crying, you may be depressed and need to talk to someone.

6. Past trauma

If you have been sexually abused before then having sex again can be a trigger for bad memories. If this is the case for you, it is okay that you cry. You have a right to express yourself. I hope you will be able to open up to your partner so you both can work out a solution.

7. Shame

If you have had sex with someone you should not be having sex then that is why you may be crying, out of guilt. 

If your partner is crying, you should do your best to stay calm and supportive. As you can see, there is a wide range of reasons that may be happening.

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Not al dis o. Unless d person is raped. U can not have * with someone u love nd start crying

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HIV hahaha

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Sometime d issue may not be those tin u mention. Maybe 1. Disvirginity 2. Small rod 3. Money