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Here’s something weird! Crying after sex is normal

Have you ever heard of someone crying during or after sex? Or have you ever been the one in those shoes?

I bet it must have been so awkward for you and your spouse, and then you wondered if it was your hormones acting up again. Well, it is not just the hormones. In fact, I have good news for you. Science says that it is absolutely normal and they even have a fancy name for it – postcoital dysphoria (PCD). 

I didn’t make it up.

Anyway, research has shown that quite a number of people have experienced this, and not women alone. So, men, you should get in here and read this as well. 

Scientists have identified several reasons why a person may cry during or after sex. Some of these reasons are more obvious than others but let’s take a look in this two-part series.

1. Happiness

Well, of course, you saw this one coming. After having a glorious roll in the sack, you may be overcome by such contentment that it spills over as tears rolling down your face. You may wonder why someone would be so happy over ‘mere’ sex, but there may be other indices involved. For instance, the person has not had sex in a while or the person is just overwhelmed with love. It happens.

2. Intense pleasure

Perhaps, your body just had the time of its life and you don’t know how else to handle it but cry. The experts say that it is common for sexual pleasure to be completely overwhelming.

I know this a truly weird article but I have more weird stuff coming in the sequel. 

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Mira220 Jul 03

Gosh!!! Xo weird i tell u?

chizstan84 Jun 16

or the lady or girl or woman haven't had * for some months years or for a very very long time

chizstan84 Jun 16

the girl or lady or woman may or will cry for joy and happiness after been denied * for a very very long time

mike3617 Jun 14

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born2ru Jun 13

i have had such experience before though sounds funny but very romantic..when i drive my girl very well she did cry why i stopped

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Survivor2003 Jun 13

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Cowmilk Jun 13

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CitirexBiim Jun 13

As a man, such a thing has never happened to me...why shld i cry after the stuff? It sounds humiliating & ridiculous! But i dnt knw of women

Sessyfancy Jun 13

no time

sweetguy2262 Jun 13

na die for Girl who like big long fat thing

Kulman08 Jun 13

That may happen in as much the Man in question drives her wella

fullflow Jun 13

Its weird for a man to feel that way but cool and romantic for a woman




his happen to me

Nwateacher20001 Jun 13

Majority are saying,it hapen to him & it hapen to her.pls over to d next chapter jaree

uneedme Jun 12

his happen too me

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