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5 myths the cosmetic industry has perpetuated

It is time for some myth-busting and this time, the focus is on the cosmetic industry.

There are so many things they have told us will definitely work but that is hardly ever true. It is not necessarily because they are always lying but because sometimes, skin types are so different that there really can be a one-size-fits-all. 

Now, what are these myths going around? The myth cop is here!

1. You only need a tiny amount

Usually, in the ads, the lady applying the cosmetic product uses just a drop or some other ridiculous amount but there is no way that small amount will truly work the wonders you are looking for. So, instead of sticking to the exact thing the ad says, go notch higher. 

2. The high price is always an indicator of quality

This is one myth that goes beyond the cosmetic industry. Subconsciously, we all believe that if something is expensive, then it has got to be good. This is not necessarily true. Beyond the price, read labels to see the active ingredients. Are they what you need?

3. Results show immediately

This may not be an outright lie. Some products may yield quick results but it may not be that way for you. Skin/hair tones, texture, and absorption rates are different and each of these plays a role in how quickly you see the results you are looking for.

4. Makeup wipes are the best way to remove makeup

If you have sensitive skin, wipes may not be the best way to go. The friction it causes may do your skin harm. A cleanser that melts off the dirt and then regular toilet soap may be the best way to go.

5. No one needs a dermatologist

Just like dentists, dermatologists are one of those doctors that people rarely care about in Nigeria. However, you save your skin by having a dermatologist recommend products to you rather than doing trial and error. 

Which of these myths did you once buy into?

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sweetkay00 Jun 12

1 and 2

holaola1983 Jun 12

Can u compare cosmetics Made by men to natural beauty with the image of GOD

holaola1983 Jun 12

Many people are using there money to buy perishable things that can lead them to hell