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Lessons we can learn from nature (ii)

This is the second installment of our discussion. It is said that nature is an exceptional artist. Do you believe that? As for me, I do. 

5. Lions 

Have you ever watched Nat Geo Wild? Do you see how a pride of lions reacts when one of them dies? They don’t allow the past to weigh them down; they strive to live life one day at a time. Also, they don’t focus unnecessarily on the future. Researchers have discovered that those who develop stroke are mostly adduced to their thinking too much. 

6. Fruits

Do you plant today and harvest today? It’s impossible! You plant with the hope of the plants becoming mature for harvesting tomorrow. This takes great patience. Things will get better. But you can’t expect things to get better if you are impatient. You need patience and faith with the hope that someday, your labor won’t be in vain. 

7. Mountains

Come 20 years, the mountains you left will always be where you left them; nothing can shake it. What lesson can we learn from this? Are you easily discouraged and plan of leaving your plans? Don’t be! Whatever happens, don’t give in to discouragement. In fact, one thing you need to understand is that discouragement will definitely come. Be as tough as a root; stand firm in your decisions. 

8. Sun and rain

Have you ever heard of or seen a time when the sun decided to shine in a particular area for the whole year, not shining upon others? Or have you ever experienced the same with the rain? This is impossible! The sun and rain do not discriminate. Don’t show favouritism as to whom you ought to share whatever you have. Remember, nobody knows tomorrow. 

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luvlypearl Jun 16


Kulman08 Jun 16

Be good to people at all times. Do your best and God shall surely remember you.



holaola1983 Jun 11

Na original truth u dey talk oh. Nature is wondafu instrument to sustain mankind living. GOD is great!

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