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15 tips for staying happy, backed by science

It is strange to think that science cares enough about the concept of happiness to posit ways of staying happy but then it does.

I should say that I believe that happiness is an ephemeral concept while joy comes from within. It is not the habits that you engage in, alone, that will make you joyful; it is a state of being that is generated internally. However, that does not mean that you can’t take a peep from this list and glean lessons or habits that encourage positive living.

1. Exercise

Exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body. Make it a daily point of duty to get active in some way every day. It could simply be a leisure walk, a few sit-ups, etc.

2. Sleep

No matter how busy you are, remember that your body is not wired to work 24 hours a day. You must rest and recuperate. When you give your body that time, you are refreshed and happier.

3. Practice gratitude

Learn to say thank you to those around for even the seemingly little things. Also, learn to take in your surroundings, all you have, people in your life and be thankful that you have them all. Gratitude makes you look out for the positives.

4. Be proactive about stress

Sure, you have a tonne of work before you. Instead of moaning and putting it off, face it head on so you can forge ahead. You can’t do without stressors but you can get them out of the way quickly.

5. Hang out

It does not have to be a special event before you meet up with your friends. Hang out simply to hang out.

These tips aren’t so bad after all, are they? Well, I have got more.

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ROTMANLUV Aug 31 2019


ROTMANLUV Aug 31 2019


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nt bad

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God with us all... happy alrdy

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Infact......So interested

Neyotekingston May 19 2019

Great! Buh what abt being nice to other as well as forgiveness cus with grudges/malice mind, one can't be happy except by reconciliation.

DonBerlin May 19 2019

I think these is a Cool Challenge 2 all de ladies and let me say 50% of de guyz.

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It's nice to have all these quality.

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rosjosh May 19 2019

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