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15 cute baby names and their meanings (i)

We all rejoice when we are blessed with a newborn baby. And we want to do our very best to give them beautiful names. Choosing a very good name for a child is one of the core responsibilities of responsible parenthood as it’s an everlasting gift they could give. 

Responsible parents do their utmost to leave no stone unturned by choosing good names for their kids because kids are actually affected by their names. For example, we all know how a child feels about the name Abraham. But have you ever heard parents call their kids Eve? This is impossible because of the evil action our first human mother took. 

Here are some good names you can give to your kid(s). In addition, their meanings are also given. 

1. Abigail: Abigail is one of the famous names ever used in human history. The name is given to a female child and it means “a father’s joy”. 

2. Gabriella: You passed through pains before giving birth to your child? You can envisage how God helped you despite what others thought—that you wouldn’t be able to give birth to that daughter of yours. This name is as precious as a refined gold that has an immeasurable quality. Gabriella means “God is my strength”.

3. Kate: This is an uncommon name in Nigeria, but one of the beautiful names you can give your kid. The name means “purity”. If you love purity, think of giving this name to her.  

4. Jaiyesimi: This made it to our list of beautiful and good names. The name is common among the Yorubas, meaning “enjoy life peacefully”. This name reminds your daughter or son that in life, no good results come from not allowing sleeping dogs to lie.

5. Hannah: A sweet and angelic Hebrew name which has been used for eons of years. The name means “gracious”. You can think of giving your baby girl this name, letting her know that you always express graciousness to God for having her. 

Check this space for other beautiful names and their meanings. 

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