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Lies men tell women

We can only get closer when we have sex. Women often fall for this lie. Sex for men is a physical release and not a bonding process as it is for the womenfolk. The truth is you can sustain a guy’s interest when you spend quality time outside bedroom activities. So, ladies, don’t fall for this lie and don’t be quick to open those legs.

It will never happen again. If he had the guts to abuse you either emotionally or physically the first time, there are high chances it will surely happen again. As far as I am concerned, abuse is never justified and accepting it in the hopes that it will not happen again will chew at your self-esteem.

You should spend all your time with me. Yup, this is another lie. I get that when you are in love, you would want to spend time with your partner. Now, spending all the time is a no-no for me because it is downright controlling and smothering. Dear lady, have something doing outside of your man. Your individuality is important and you should not give that up.

Give me time, I may still believe in marriage. This is a lie that guys tell to rope a girl into being with them using the promise of marriage which they have no plans for. You need to decide if you are willing to wait around for him to become the committed guy you want or whether you should move on.

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Dexmond1 Aug 31 2018

Not all men,orientation varies..

mmcc2 Aug 01 2018

not all men

chiChris20 Jul 17 2018

few not all men

Felix4U11980 Jul 12 2018

Are u a man atall?

jamiu3880 Jul 12 2018

Na Man you Be Now .,,,

africo Jul 12 2018

u try....but it doesnt apply to all men

Endbrowny Jul 12 2018

If U R In Any Relationship Dats Nt Working, Quit.

PhilWarami Jul 12 2018

But you not a man, so you don't have a clue

anison1 Jul 12 2018

no comment

reginaswhitestg Jul 12 2018

This is absolutely true.

Fastlink1993 Jul 12 2018

Nice one

Ikechikwu1999 Jul 12 2018

not all men and good the foolish women who rfuse to be an observant

ALBAFATH3 Jul 12 2018

Mayb dts wt D writer xperiencd 4goin aftr guys dt."all glitter like gold"
Guyz re geniune. Som babes re "no future ambition NFA"

Slabopuzzy2 Jul 12 2018

na tru!! but not al guys


not all guys

kiruiharoon Jul 12 2018

I've 4 girlfriends who all believe that I'll marry them!! heaven come down hehehe

kiruiharoon Jul 12 2018

I've 4 girlfriends who all believe that I'll marry them!! heaven come down hehehe

zee1570 Jul 12 2018

all is what men re capable of saying to ladies if u belived them u will find ur selve a victim

Shackila Jul 12 2018

It depends coz not everyone is the same

Andyjo19912 Jul 12 2018

Hmmmm, but not all guys.