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Kill the people pleaser in you now!

Everyone would love to be liked. This is why we often break our backs for people even when it is not convenient for us hoping it will increase the affection they have for us. Well, it is time to stop especially if it saps away your happiness. You are going to end up giving too much of yourself and hurt yourself in the process.

You always have a choice to say “No” no matter the favor asked of you. It is only you that can know when it will be comfortable to say yes or no. I think the best way is to ask yourself your greatest priority at the moment.

When you discover your priorities, you can shelf the favor for the time it is most convenient. Of course, at the moment, you are allowed to stall before rejecting outrightly by telling the person you will think about it. This way, you are sure you can help them in a way that fits into your schedule.

Do not always be available but let people know that you can be reached only at a certain time. 

Know when someone is in dire need of your help and when the person is only being selfish and manipulating you.

You do not need anyone to validate you nor do you need everyone’s approval. Self-validation is the best!

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Johnmikki Jul 12 2018

Thank you very much, i have just learn something great, because i have please people so much that its even affecting me now

Misjoke Jul 12 2018

Nice one

Handy2joy Jul 12 2018

Good one there

gentleeagle22 Jul 12 2018

i love it

FrankIyn Jul 12 2018

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Fastlink1993 Jul 12 2018

Good words

Fastlink1993 Jul 12 2018

Good words