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It's not you

Society has conditioned us, women, over time, to feel like it is our sole responsibility to keep a home and by extension, a relationship. When it isn't working, we take it upon ourselves to step up, believing that it's on us to make it work but that shouldn't be the case. 

I know of a couple who watched 'War Room' (you should check it out if you haven't) and once the movie was over, the husband turned to his wife and said, "You see how that woman prayed for her family? You should do that it. It's your job." Dude, like seriously? A woman should pray for her family but is it her sole responsibility? That mentality is the reason why many women believe it's their fault when their men cheat. 

As ridiculous as it may seem, many women blame themselves for the wrongdoing of their men who just can't keep their penises in one place. Even science tells us that it is common that the first thought that occurs to a woman who has been cheated on is that there is something wrong with her or something she didn't do that pushed the man into another's arms. 

I believe it is the pattern of patriarchy that is ingrained in our system that would put such an ungodly thought in a woman who has done her best to keep her relationship/marriage.

Woman, it is not your fault if your man decides to betray your trust. It's not your job to hound him around or live your life solely to please him. God put you on the earth so you can also make something of yourself.

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akioz Jul 11 2018

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akioz Jul 11 2018

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tony19941988 Jul 11 2018

So wat happens 2 ladies dat cheats around or is it now men alone dat cheat?

GentleVirgin200 Jul 11 2018


kemisola12121 Jul 11 2018

Its not good to treat women just not happy now.i wish to come home 08162663251

asotee Jul 11 2018

do your best and live the rest tn God.

xerneey Jul 11 2018

that is gud boy

jayjoseh Jul 11 2018


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PEACEGIRL6 Jul 11 2018

Nice write up.

NFCLUCKY Jul 11 2018

It takes two to tangle.. The warfare should/must be the two fully involved. Lady keep it up

cooljohnson99 Jul 11 2018

Well good for both party to trust and have a genue fealing for each other

pbaby0155 Jul 11 2018

well said