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Is love enough to sustain a relationship

A saying goes that ‘love encompasses all,’ but how true is that statement in the real world. Is love enough to weather all storms and keep a family together or are there other ingredients that are just as important if not more? Love truly is capable of aiding our ways through the maze called life; it has a way of making huge obstacles seem small.

But love is not the only thing needed to sustain a relationship, in fact, sometimes it is not enough to. Every great relationship has other ingredients that helped it become what it is, for, without understanding, tolerance, kindness, compromise and empathy love can only thrive in vain.

People in love have separated because they lacked these basic ingredients in their life. People love in their own ways and being tolerant, understanding as well as being kind and empathetic to each other can keep a relationship even when the couple is not madly in love.

Couples who always impose and never compromise to turn their differences into advantages usually live unhappy lives because of the constant clashes and misunderstanding even if they love each other. If love is the engine, then empathy, kindness, tolerance, understanding, and patience are the other parts necessary to move any relationship forward.

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PeterBerry1 May 20 2018

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GODSPLANT1 May 16 2018


Olaboi00 May 16 2018

passing by


no woman want to starts up with any man now, without finacial aspect of is not blind now.

Tolulop01 May 16 2018

God and Money is the most essential tools in relationship

Dahniel4 May 16 2018

No! God is all you need to sustain a relationship. If there is no GOD, there is nothing because God is love!

FreeJ May 16 2018

True talk

calipso11 May 16 2018

well 2 love n 2 b loved makes it unique,wen falling in love.

calipso11 May 16 2018

love is also based on money,aside 4rm d point mention above.

kosi2020 May 16 2018

the screty of every sourcesfull marriage is jehova b/c he's the source marriage

Johnfaleks May 16 2018

love thats is not financially secure is in complete

Johnfaleks May 16 2018

love thats is not financially secure is in complete

chrisbro May 16 2018

what of love with their ingredients and no money will it still stand?

frayo76 May 16 2018

nowadays love based on money. so no money, no love.

OlaDgreat May 16 2018

No, it's commitment and understanding

RhenieJay May 16 2018