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Drinking your health away?

Drinking is seen as a normal social activity; one of the things you do when you are hanging out or as a way of passing time. In fact, I know someone who was asked if she ever drinks and she replied, "I am social drinker"...whatever that means... 

Over the years, we have been told that a glass or two of wine a day does not hurt, especially red wine. I have also heard people say that stout is good for the health (though I seriously doubt the validity of that statement).  However, I came across a concept lately called 'Drink IQ' which is a campaign for responsible drinking and it got me thinking about the lines of how much is too much and if at all one should drink. 

Gone are the days when alcoholism was mostly associated with men. Women are tipping the scales but this article is not about whether or not women should drink. A recent study focused on the health of both light and heavy drinkers and found that though it was said that light drinking was okay, those who drink even just 7 glasses a week tend to have their lifespan reduced by 6 months.

Therefore, this study shows that there is a correlation between drinking, be it light or heavy, and poor health. 

Alcohol consumption is linked to coronary diseases, fatal high blood pressure, and stroke. It really is not about how much you consume it. The fact that you do, even if in little quantity, heightens the risk of developing certain diseases. 

So, if you call yourself an occasional, social etc. drinker, you should know that you are putting your health at risk, perhaps a small risk, but a risk all the same.

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