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Is staying down a crime?

I love watching babies move; you too should because a lesson can be learnt from observing their movement. When they are learning to walk, they repeatedly fall in varying degrees and positions. One striking thing occurs, even if they cry from the hurt, the next minute they doggedly start the process again.

Falling down is a necessity but staying down is completely your choice. Personally, it is a crime for me because it clearly shows that you have accepted defeat.

You are here for a reason and you have potentials within you that you need to let loose. If you choose to stay down, you leave the potential buried within and you don’t make a difference in your world. You become another number added to the population.

No matter the storms of life that may come your way, you have to encourage yourself to keep moving on. Life is not always going to be sand castles in the sky; the rough days are sure to come heavily. It is in that moment that your strength is supposed to shine through.

Finally, staying down will always leave you with regrets. The endless “what ifs” will wear you down and hit you hard. Whenever the doubts come and you want to quit, always ask yourself “what is the worst that could happen?” Shake yourself up and keep pressing on!

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Olaboi00 May 16 2018

Life is full of colours

murphyano10 May 15 2018

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AniNAFCU May 15 2018

so encouraging

Danywise2 May 15 2018

Nice of this,thanks alot

connector0 May 15 2018

Paperboifrosh May 15 2018

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franc56 May 15 2018

Quite motivational