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Do you have a work husband?

A work husband is not so alien a concept; you might even have one without realizing it. 

A work husband is a guy that you are very close to at work. In theory, there is nothing wrong with having a work husband because he is someone you enjoy partnering with and can make work a fun place. However, with time if a line is crossed by either of you developing feelings for each other, this may become an issue. So, if you are wondering if you have a work husband, here are the signs. 

1. You prefer him over everyone else

This is the biggest indicator. Whenever you have a project, the first guy that you want on your team or who makes you groan with displeasure when he is not on your team is definitely your work husband. In addition, you two make a great team.

2. You get personal with him

With your colleagues, you generally keep your relationship professional but with this guy, you know intimate things about him and you don’t mind confiding in him.

3. You whine to him

Whenever something annoying, hurtful or good happens at work, he is usually the first person (and perhaps the only person) you tell. By extension, this also means that you two gossip together without worrying that someone else will hear the juicy tidbits you are sharing.

4. You have his back

If you get gist about some big promotion coming up or that the axe is about to fall on some people, you give him the heads up first. Most likely, he will do same for you.

5. You hang out with him outside work

Your relationship with him goes outside work, it blossoms and you don’t mind. 

6. Others in your life know about him

You tend to talk about him a lot and so your family and friends feel like they actually know him. 

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Rita502 Mar 14

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Barca6360 Mar 14

work husband automatically a phenomenon that lead to disgrace

Johnmikki Mar 14

What about a work wife ?

Johnmikki Mar 14

What about a work wife ?

nonsosk Mar 13


Ababa1981 Mar 13

good well understood.