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Lessons I learnt from ants

As tiny (and annoying) as they are, they are creatures who are wise and we will do well to learn a few lessons from them.

I learnt the power of organization and discipline.

I can be extremely scattered when I want to be; the ants, on the other hand, take organization to a greater level. The workers, queen, and males all have their job specifications and they achieve a lot through division of labour. There is a structure in place and hence, organization becomes easy to achieve. However, it takes discipline to keep to the status quo. Set your plans and stick to them diligently without giving excuse a chance.

I learnt the power of unity.

The words of Helen Keller, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” will throw more light to this. The ants have a unique kind of unselfishness that is just breathtaking. Drop a cube of sugar and watch it closely. When an ant sights the food, it passes the message across, not thinking of its selfish interests but the interest of the colony and one suddenly becomes three; with the number increasing. There is indeed strength in unity.

I learnt the power of soldiering on in the presence of difficulties.

Ants are determined and will move around any obstacle in their path to get to where they want to go. Try thinking your massive fingers can get in their way! Wow! The kind of rare determination that is difficult to find. We can learn a thing or two from the ants and doggedly pursue our goals without giving up at a sign of difficulty.

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Qinsly Mar 14

Thank you for these lines, but human is another type of being. More complex than any.

eddie4077 Mar 14

Unity is the common goal

Fecofeco2 Mar 14

We can laern 4rm ant, but, the truth of matters, is that, we are not unite and self discipline

Barca6360 Mar 14

nice act adopted by ant should be emulated.

bsulkol Mar 13

They have chapter in Holy Quran by Allah Himself

kahlipha Mar 13

Dat's The Work Of In them

kahlipha Mar 13

Das D Work Of God In Them

Marian210 Mar 13

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OLA19961 Mar 13

Ants Are The Wise Creature That Av Unity,Honest And Love Among Themselves

BlackRide Mar 13

Wow! what a useful lesson i learnt

ColYayo Mar 13

The Ants Are Such A Wonderful Insects They're Not Only Working Together In Unity,But They Also Save For The Raining Days

Phashil Mar 13

Thats so amazing & awesome about aunts

Tkdivine Mar 13

cooperation is the best.

Tkdivine Mar 13

cooperation makes deal at what else do we do???

Tkdivine Mar 13

cooperation is the deal at what else do we do???

Richy5454 Mar 13

Yea This Is True,they Not Only United &well Organised But Are Also Tenacious,networking&alo Have Foresight.

Merex Mar 13

so lesson from ants that's what u sending to my inbox abi? u guys are fools adm

lizzy514152 Mar 13

nice one

lumskyfunboy Mar 13

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