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Things you didn’t know about nipples

Everyone male or female have breasts and tiny pigmented areas on the breasts known as nipples. However, between both breasts the female’s has more recognition in terms of fashion, sexualization, health, etc. This special body part is quintessential to breastfeeding infants with the milk produced in the female mammary gland during lactation.

Asides from feeding babies and pleasuring the other sex there are lots of other interesting and amazing facts about nipples that we all aren’t aware of.

Super numeral nipples

This simply means having more than one or two nipples. This is an abnormality of the breasts which occurs when the regular formation of the nipples is disrupted and then there is the possibility of growing nipples on other areas on the breasts or other body parts.

Nipples grow in the womb

Guys don’t breastfeed and therefore have no need for nipples so one might wonder why they have nipples. Actually, the truth is nipples develop right from the womb because all embryos grow as females until after the complete development of nipples.

Inverted nipples

An inverted nipple just like an inverted navel is normal and healthy as long as it is from birth. A newly discovered inverted nipple might be an indication of a chronic health condition, for instance, breast cancer.

Nipple hairs

Not everybody has nipple hair but those who do aren’t suffering from any skin condition or abnormality.  It is actually possible for hair to grow around the nipples or areolas since they also have hair follicles just like any other part of the other.

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