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How to let unwanted suitors down nicely

There are certain guys that ask us out but we are simply not interested. We want to tell the guy off but don't want to hurt his feelings because he really is a good guy. 

The fact that you don’t want to date a particular guy does not mean he’s a bad guy but sometimes, you two just don’t ‘jell’. Therefore, here are simple ways to turn him down nicely.

1. 'Let's be friends' line

At times a guy may be so nice that going all out to say no seems difficult. Thus, a subtle tactic is to seize every opportunity to tell him what a wonderful friend he is. This should communicate your desire to be left alone with him. 

2. Be plain 

If the first tactic does not work then try stating clearly that you are not interested, especially when he opens up to you about his feelings. This is a nice way to let him down rather than leading him on. 

3. Play the sensitive girl 

A typical nice guy would not want to upset you. If you tell him his persistence is upsetting you, he will relent. 

4. Limit association

If the above has not worked so far then you need to take it a step further. Ignore him from time to time, avoid his calls and try not to meet up with him (if you must, go with someone else so he doesn’t feel so special). 

Nice guys are usually mature. With time, he will understand that 'no' really means 'no'.  Don’t feel terrible for not wanting to date him though. It happens to everyone.

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Esteem91 Mar 22

If Only I Have Seen This Post B4 Now

pbaby0155 Jan 27

Bt If He Has Qualities I Want Y Nt If Nt

fiscob5 Jan 27

A guy who give up certainly he dosnt love such lady.

Prospero2002 Jan 20

Nice one. But as a guy I won't give up. Dats me

Adobalogun Jan 15


Bic5 Jan 14

hmmm meet too i date another person

Ruth20181 Jan 14

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stuartChibalo Jan 14

hell no i dont take no for an answer its where i persists

Gaskole75 Jan 14

Nice and interested

Lilkutyyo Jan 14

The word Love more than the letters writen s sweet when u ar with the right soulmate.

Humorouslife Jan 13


tudors2017 Jan 13

Pretty Precious Hw Fah U

Loveyou97 Jan 13

if i find out dat my guy is good , what else are my looking for? The answer is nothing, i will stay with him and Love him with all my heart!

Kennylad94 Jan 13

Nice one

Utum1990 Jan 13

Is this type of a man dat i dream 4

duke3d Jan 13

what if no other guy botherz her d way d guy she turns down did,... can she return to d rejected guy?

duke3d Jan 13

what if no other guy botherz her d way d guy she turns down did,... can she return to d rejected guy?

Bymeberry Jan 13

Yea exactly!! they are just lining up for me..maybe they want me to turn a lsb