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Household chores that secretly help you lose weight

Have you ever wondered how some ladies manage to keep fit without ever visiting the gym or doing early morning jogs or workouts? The answer is right under your nose!

There are certain household chores that enhance weight loss without you knowing a darn thing. It could be vacuuming, gardening, dish washing etc. Therefore, if you are the type who wants to lose weight and keep fit without visiting the gym, you can simply turn your household chores into your weight loss regime! You save time and money you coulda spent at the gym and you get your chores done at the same time! Here are some tips to follow.

Scrub the floor

Ditch your mopping stick and scrub your floor the old fashioned way by getting down on all fours and tackle the scrubbing. When you push your hands forward on the floor to scrub, stretch your torso as far as you can to tighten your stomach muscles and make sure your hips don't droop with the effort.

Gardening and mowing the lawn

Gardening could be the best way of losing weight with household chores. When you work in your garden for two hours, bending, lifting and squatting while you tend your plants, you could lose close to 270 calories or more! Raking and mowing your lawn could also prove effective, apart from helping you burn away a good number of calories, and you also tone up your thighs, shoulders, and arms while using the lawn mower.

Doing the laundry

Here's a good enough reason why you should do your laundry yourself. The activities involved poses as a great workout for your upper body. Washing clothes, folding and lifting them then working your shoulders and arms while ironing could help you lose a lot of calories and also tone up your upper body.

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That's nice

funkybabe6935 Feb 20

Nice one

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so interesting thing to discover

FeliksRono Aug 13 2017

so interesting thing to discover

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