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How not to resolve beef with your bestie

It is so easy that when we are pissed we do certain things we may regret. This post focuses for once not on what you should but on what you shouldn’t do. I witnessed a fight between friends one time and there was a lot of name calling and screaming. I know that at this point, the guys on this platform will say stuff like, “Ehen, no be girls? They fit beef and fight; na their small work be dat.”

But guys, that’s not true of all girls. We are just really emotional beings and so we unintentionally allow that get the best of us. Ladies, so we can shut the guys up once and for all, here’s what you should not do.


 When an argument is brewing, the first thing to do is walk away. Hanging around your friend when you are mad can get ugly.


If at all you stay and attempt to sort it out, try to do it as calmly as possible. When you scream, you draw unnecessary attention of people who should have no say in your relationship. 


When angry, you are emotionally distant but be careful that you don’t say anything you regret. The truth is that tomorrow you guys may still remain friends but so there are some things you can’t get past once they are said.

Digging up the past

By human nature, when we are hurt, we want to return the ‘favour’ and a fallback mechanism for that is throwing how they have messed up before in their faces but that just shows they can’t trust you.

Telling others about it

This is one of the worst things you could do. It is very difficult for any relationship to recover from this. Therefore, if you know your relationship means a lot to you then beware of these five!

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