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My intertribal marriage is being rocked by the language issue

Intertribal marriage involves the union between people of different tribes, take, for instance, a Yoruba man tying the knot with an Igbo woman. Marriages like this promote more harmony between ethnic groups; however, in marriage conflicts are bound to ensue mainly due to the issue of 'language barrier'. 

A spouse who's Yoruba in the presence of his Igbo in-laws will feel left out and lost when they launch into their local dialect and so he gets home and takes his frustration out on his wife! There's no way to stop this from happening, can his in-laws be sanctioned from speaking their native dialect?! No! Any woman facing this situation would surely voice out to the world her frustrated feelings.

 If you find yourself in this situation you should follow these tips religiously. 

Limit the use of your local dialect while with your spouse 

Speaking in a language your man doesn't understand will make him pick on you incessantly, nothing irks people more than hearing people speak in a tongue they don't understand. It's very rude and frustrating. 

Provide interpretations

If it's extremely important you speak in your local dialect while with your in-laws then save yourself a scene with your spouse later by interpreting all you say, word for word!

Teach your partner your language

Yes, it will take perhaps forever but that will warm him to you and also get him off your case cos he knows soon enough he'll be able to understand every word you say.

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hormorlarthey Aug 15

its true bcoz d same is happening to me

Ollygirl1919 Jun 21

sweet idea



Chikki1997 Jun 05


bigben198080 Jun 02

love is the key

akeem26 May 31

if true love exist between you too language is not a barrier

ikechukwudon May 24

U two had to hve understanding

Nomvelisosophaz May 23

I dnt thnk is an issue as long u n ur partner understand each other

thaby1981 May 20

why cant they all comnunicate in english when they are all together,

Moscoent May 19


adagirl2000 May 19

marry who u luv cus if u really luv who u got married to lang would nt bring disagreement to ride on

Ezebouiz May 19

hmmm nice topic, am yoruba ogun married to an igbo lady ebonyi afikpo for the past 10years plus, and it's been wonderful

Zamani832 May 19

Clear conscience fears no accusation

Milliab2 May 19

yeah true lang. barrier do cus conflict in som home.Bt patners shdnd take dat serious.

PurpleKush01 May 19

Im Zulu My Man Is Hausa.

PurpleKush01 May 19

Im Zulu My Man Is Hausa.

DarkPEARL May 19

True hey, wanna learn Venda b4 I met one lol

Esthlobia May 19

language shuld never be a problem in lng as der is understanding

KAYCEE3808 May 19

I beg 2 disagree geniuine LOVE knws no bound i cnt feel unsafe or uncomfortable hearing a dialect or language i cant speak

Galladine May 19

nothing is impossible @what God has join together not even language can put.............