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Is it possible to ever completely heal from the pain of infidelity?

Infidelity- the big word most people are afraid of and a deal breaker for many women, not that I blame them. Who would want to feel that pain and torment of wondering if you deserved it or perhaps there is something you have done better?

Anyway, supposing the gut-wrenching hurt is not theoretical for you anymore and it has actually happened, is it possible to completely overcome it?

Well, people deal with pain differently, apart from the perspective of gender but individual differences as well. For some women, they may wallow in guilt and shame, thinking it is their fault and rationalizing how they had not done enough, forcing the guy into another’s arms. This is because many women think it is natural for men to cheat because they are naturally polygamous (stupid excuse) and so, it is left to them the women, to do all in their power to keep men from falling into that natural instinct. I would have to say at this point that nature or whatever can never be an excuse. Even if you cheated before, is it now tit for tat that he must revenge? 

Therefore, the best way to handle infidelity is to not blame yourself, forgive so you can heal and move on. However, it hurts so terribly that it feels like you may never be able to trust any other guy or even if you get back with him, the relationship is forever coloured by that stain. But I dare to say that it is possible and practical to forgive and completely let go. This may seem like a load of crap but if you forgive him with the understanding that you are doing it for yourself and not him, it eliminates the need to revenge or the inability to be happy. 

Besides, love, except if is not genuine, conquers all doesn’t it?

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beatuy1997 May 19 2017

it hurt ooo,it nt easy xo painful

AJARS May 19 2017

U guys want to knw somtin it hapens n bot sides& to corect dis al men &women arnt natural cheatr u wil b wat u want 2 b.

Prettylick22 May 19 2017

lets face it, infidelity's an un4getable act&hurts so bad. jst do away wit d myth dat men r natural cheaters, women cheat more dan men

omolola0022 May 19 2017

may God bless my mother

Amaradan24 May 19 2017

It Takes Time,due It Hurts But With Time You Will Forget It.

PAIKO1966 May 19 2017

Just trust God, He is capable of giving you a refined restoration

Nwalijoe2001 May 19 2017

Trust in the Lord, no problem He cannot solve... rest upon Him who knows everything about U

MaryG2 May 19 2017

But always be a gud wife,mother n play a gud role to ur chdren n husbnd den liv d rest t God bcos if u kep alow it t be eatn u up u wl die

MaryG2 May 19 2017

Doh it hut wen u found out dat u re sharin ur man wit anoda wman bt i tel u dia is no amont f lov,sex or sacrifz u wl do t stop him

MaryG2 May 19 2017

yea dats,if u find ursef in dat situation pls,dont blam ursef 4 anytin

HORINE May 19 2017

It has eaten deep to born marrow of those who are not saciable of there wants