LadyNaija just said:

Looking for a docile woman without an opinion?

Ladies, can you imagine that some men are still there looking for that kind of spineless woman in this contemporary world? Do they still exist? 

I can only laugh at such men. Even secondary school girls and village girls are not as innocent and dumb anymore so dear men, I advise that you stick to the devil you know mehn than seek an unknown angel for your fingers might get burnt. 

Why would a man be looking for a docile woman in the first place? I dare to say it is to put her underfoot. I know that some men will vehemently say it is not so but it is just that quiet women are more malleable. However, it is only a man that wants to use his woman as a mumu that would need a malleable woman.

Don’t misunderstand o. I am not saying that looking for a woman of gentle character is wrong because there are women out there who breathe out fire unnecessarily but then if we do not kid ourselves, the men who seek docile women are usually looking for a woman they can manipulate and boss around; someone to fan their egos and who would never dare have an opinion outside what they have to say. This is why these kinds of men usually go for uneducated ladies. 

But then, if that is your motive, I can only say that most times what you are running away from is what will eventually catch up with you. Today, run away from a woman with a mind of her own and tomorrow she will, or do you want to cut her off from the world?

Ahap! I can only look at you because you are joker!

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EPAULNUEL May 22 2017

Do You Know That Mathimatic Got Marry To English, Now The Are In Serious Injuried? How? Economic Resations!

girliegr8t May 22 2017

those can of men aint man enough as they are afraid of wise women.

BABASALLE May 20 2017


Wright862013 May 19 2017

Which ever a good wife either educated is the key to formidable generation

Oleforo May 19 2017

I love docile women if you treat them very well they can't change mind

DAVE2160 May 19 2017

thy are decent types, just one thing that spores them is shyness, and the 2nd is what most of there friends do thy wil also follow.

thermowhite May 19 2017

Be a good Manager with your Best Ability

Birthrite May 18 2017

Even she is uneducated let her be loyal and uncorrupt

Goco2 May 18 2017

What u want is what u get my dear

Cowmilk May 18 2017

The governor of my State and the vice president of Nigeria are twice my age.

CitirexBiim May 18 2017

Its a 21st Century Era...looking for a spinless woman is not seen easily except ur just lucky! Go for a good woman, not a perfect type!

Echocharli May 18 2017

The gods are not to blame

xtinct50x May 18 2017

well an educated mind is expected to hv indebt knowledge abt life without that he or she is an education al illiterate.

dopedivaa May 18 2017

I tired for men ooo

emidavis May 18 2017

am searching 4 a graduate 2 marry"oooo i dnt believe u poster" ladiy 4rm IMO state* age* 22 to 25

Borokinni2102 May 18 2017

Oluwa yi o se amona a wa amin

Adesola1986 May 18 2017

Hum hum word exchange

perapi May 18 2017

That doesn't go for only men, ladies are also in the same shoes so it is general not one sided.

Time2love1987 May 18 2017

Uneducated woman respect is husband than educated woman.

onetouch88 May 18 2017

all is well