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Two versatile ways to enjoy the zobo drink

The plant we know as zobo is, in fact, not a flower, but part of the rosalle/hibiscus plant. It is usually enjoyed as an infused tea and has been proven to have anti-hypertensive, weight and glucose regulating properties. It is filled with vitamin C, vitamin B, iron and calcium, an all-around healthy drink.

More than the basic recipe we all enjoy, here are two ways to put a creative twist on the zobo drink.

ZOBOGARITA/ZOBOTINI: Working on a recipe developed by food blogger Dunni Obata of Dunni’s Kitchen, the zobogarita and zobotini are similar in preparation with the only difference being the tequila in the zobogarita versus vodka in the zobotini. This is perfect for entertaining guests and will keep them asking for more and marveling at your creativity.

Half a cup of unsweetened basic zobo drink
One/two shots of tequila/vodka
One tablespoon of sugar syrup (optional) 
A pinch of salt for the rim of the glass
Mix the drink in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and serve chilled in cocktail glasses.

MIXED FRUIT ZOBO: This is simply substituting sugar or sweetener for real fruits during the zobo infusion. Oranges, grapes, watermelons, apples, pineapples, mango; in fact, just about any fruit can be used to give the drink a wonderful taste.

After boiling the leaves, turn off heat and put in selected fruits. Leave for at least an hour to thoroughly infuse, then pour the drink through a filter and squeeze the remaining moisture from the zobo leaves with the fruit fiber. 
Serve chilled.

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